Conversion rate optimisation is the best way to grow your customer value

You invest a lot of time and money in order to get more traffic. However some of your visitors, while progressing through the steps of the purchasing funnel, decide to abandon their carts and leave your website.

“On average, only 2% of visitors complete their purchase on e-commerce websites,
which means that 98% of the acquisition budget is lost”

At Convertize, our consultants have the mission to increase the number of visitors who become customers on your website. We provide Conversion Rates Optimisation services.


We have a unique expertise, focused on Neuroscience


experts_CRO_titles_3 Grow [ Conversion rate optimisation ]

If data analysis and BIG DATA are crucial to understand your customers’ behaviour, nothing can replace the human approach and experts’ analysis.

ga-certified Grow [ Conversion rate optimisation ]This is why we have developed an hybrid approach:

  • All our consultants are Google Analytics certified and have the skills to analyse complex data.
  • They are trained frequently to neuroscience and consumer psychology.

These 2 pillars of optimisation : [ Data + Neuroscience ] are perfectly integrated into our methodology.


Why use neuroscience?

We learnt from neuroscience that a part of your consumers’ brain behave like robots. Here is what you need to know about the Psychology of robots, and how its impact on your revenues:

[slideshare id=54649938&doc=presentationcroenglish-151102160058-lva1-app6892]

At Convertize, we test and use more than 200 neuroscience principes on websites, with the aim to optimise their conversion rates.


What is C.R.O?

C.R.O means “Conversion Rate Optimisation”. Behind this lengthy expression, lies a complex approach that consists in identifying the potentials of improvement within the conversion funnel; then implement solutions to have more visitors converting (buying or subscribing) on the website.

Still not clear enough? Here are is an example to clarify:

The conversion funnel of the website AMAZING has 5 steps: Home page > Category > Product > Basket > Checkout

funnel-blue Grow [ Conversion rate optimisation ]The analytics shows that the Basket Abandonment Rate is 61%, while the industry’s average is 52%. One of our actions will be to analyse this page more in details, then create alternative pages (or modified pages) and test them using A/B testing tools in order to determine which variations is the best to increase the number of sales.

[greybox]This example does not describe our whole methodology, it only gives you an idea of our Conversion Rate Optimisation process. You can download our methodology here.[/greybox]


Why optimise your website?

Your priority is probably to acquire more traffic, but if you do not optimise your cost per visitor (cost per click for example) and your revenues (average basket), your margin will be steady – at best – or will decrease, because acquisition costs increase year after year.

By developing today a culture of optimisation, you will get a step ahead of your competitors because – in 2015 – very few companies have implemented real conversion optimisation structures within their marketing department. Meaning: with at least one person dedicated to this activity.

More than conversion optimisation, it is about revenue growth, that often results into an increase of the customer value.

We often refer to Amazon, or Zalando because these companies are amongst the few exceptions with real Conversion Optimisation departments.

“Do you want to become the or the of your industry?”


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