Beyond your acquisition campaigns of members and customers, implementing e-CRM strategy is essential  to optimise your acquisition costs and increase your ROI.
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cameleon E-CRM Strategy

Optimise your acquisition costs

Convertize is specialised in Relationship Marketing and guides you in the definition and implementation of your e-CRM strategy.

E-CRM enables you to immediately enhance each contact, monitor their behaviour to qualify them, and measure almost in real time the ROI of campaigns. Flexibility and lightness of e-CRM technology adapts very quickly to your contacts, using finer data to segment and personalise your communications.

By combining acquisition and e-CRM, you increase the speed of your contact qualification and capitalise on every transaction, to establish a one-to-one relationship with your members and clients. E-CRM is a formidable technical solution that contributes greatly to your brand image: you have the opportunity to tell a story and show your customers that you understand their expectations.

Our approach

To implement a relevant e-CRM strategy, we first enter into the mind of your customers:

  • On which pages do they land?
  • What are the pages they visit?
  • What is the process of transforming your site, and how many steps?
  • What are the sticking points?
  • How are they contacted and re-contacted?
Then we analyse the current data:
  • What are your conversion rates?
  • What is your average basket value?
  • What are your goals in terms of cost, revenue and margin?

Then we reference all this information to develop a customised eCRM strategy for your website. Most importantly: we assist you in the implementation of this e-CRM strategy. It is a true operational consulting mission.

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