database Monetisation email databaseGenerate additional revenues through email database management strategy and monetisation .

Convertize has the expertise to define and implement your  email database management strategy and monetisation.

We offer a Full Service offer for the monetisation of your email databases:

We take full responsibility for managing email databases entrusted to us, freeing you from all operational involvement:

  • Commercialization: spreading the most profitable campaigns and the best profiles suited to your database.
  • Operation: our routing solution optimises deliverability ownership and manages real-time subscription cancellation, and bounces.
  • Optimisation: our data-mining algorithm can enrich your database over time, in order to maximise profitability, and to optimise the transformation while managing marketing pressure.

Why entrust us with your email database?

Our offer is based on a simple economic model: the gains from a database of email addresses managed by Convertize shared with the owner of the address.

  • Strategy: we define together your monetisation strategy to meet your branding objectives and performance.
  • Compliance : We ensure that the method of your address collection respects the legal framework (LCEN, CNIL, …) and allows commercial exploitation.
  • Profitability: We know the top 50 most profitable campaigns on the market
  • Deliverability: We maintain on going and privileged relationships with the leading access and webmail providers to ensure excellent deliverability. We integrate authentication mechanisms such as SMTP (Sender ID, Domain Key …). We have agreements with major operators (feedback loops) for processing in real time any complaint or subscription cancellation request for a quick renovation of addresses, seamlessly with operators and users.
  • Reporting: we give you access to detailed reports that show the performance of the operations, and profitability of campaigns.

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