The Premium Acquisition is a combination of various know-how and techniques driven by results: Content Marketing, Conversion Optimisation and Dynamic Target Profiling.
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slider_website_new3-300x281 Premium AcquisitionOur Premium Acquisition offer

For five years, we have offered high-performance services in Email Marketing and also services in Conversion Rate Optimisation. We are experts in clients acquisition, in this way you can reach with our targeted emails, as far as 30 millions users in France.
Today, we would like to put our whole approach on acquisition at your service:

= Acquisition
+ Profiling
+ Optimisation

At each stage, from the definition to the analysis of your campaign, we offer you an evolutionary support:

  • Acquisition uses Content Marketing techniques: we highlight existing content to make your visitors aware of your offer.
  • Retargeting is a tool that allows marketers to convert hesitating visitors. It consists in sending an email to internet users who visited your website, a short time after they left, in order to encourage them to fill one of those objectives: Make a purchase, fill out a form, etc.
  • Optimisation consists of optimising all content visited by internet users, including the Landing Page, to improve all conversions ratios.

The combination of those 3 levers allow us to bring you a premium traffic on your website and so, increase your sales!

Our Premium Methodology

To set up an efficient acquisition campaign, we use a Premium Methodology:

  • We carry out a test phase in order to get representative statistics and we recommend you two different payment models CPL or CPA
  • We create a page of authentic content, integrating elements from your website. (clients testimonials, your flagship product, an attractive offer …) accordingly to Content Marketing techniques
  • We launch the premium campaign in large volumes
  • You pay us on one of those two payment models: CPL or CPA

Contact us +44 (0)20 3675 9008  or just fill in the form below:

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